In Asia, it is common to order numerous dishes to the table, for everyone to share. Our menu is designed to support this idea.

So, choose between 4-6 servings and explore the different flavors we have to offer.

It´s time to get Funky!

Street food sticks

  • Pork Bulgogi L 7 €

    Slow cooked pork belly with ssamjang-sauce (includes nuts)

  • TOM YAM L, G 8 €

    Prawns with tom yam sauce (includes fish)


    Crispy chicken seasoned with chili and Sichuan pepper

  • Tteokbokki L, V 6 €

    Korean rice cakes with gochujang-sauce

Something to share

  • Woo's Cucumbers V, G 5 €

    Funky Woo's spicy cucumbers

  • House kimchi L, G 5 €

    Traditional Korean fermented gabbage salad (includes fish)

  • Sushi rice V, G 5 €

    Sushi rice with roasted nori and ponzu sauce

  • Stir fry V, G 6,90 €

    Roasted garlic, fried mushrooms, pak choi, and broccolini

  • Som Tam L, G 6,90 €

    Thai papaya salad (includes nuts and fish)

  • Japanese potato salad L, G 6,90 €

    Japanese potato salad with eggs marinated in soy

  • Udon noodles V 8,90 €

    Udon-noodles, stir fried vegetables topped with thai basil

  • Asian style loaded fries V, G 7,90 €

    Crispy french fries with an Asian twist


  • Banh Mi L (vegan upon request) 10.90 €

    Pickled vegetables, cucumber, kewpie-mayo, Woo´s chili oil, and cilantro served on a baguette
    Choose your topping:
    Tofu or chicken with orange-ginger sauce

  • Bao Buns 11,90 €

    Two steamed buns with a topping of you choice:
    Ssamjang glazed pork belly, kewpie-majo, and som tam (includes fish and nuts) L
    Bulgogi vegan ”chicken”, guilin mayo, sprouts, and Woo´s cucumber V (includes nuts)

  • Sushibowl L 11,50 €

    Sushi rice, ponzu-sauce, gomawakame, mango, and kewpie-mayo topped with caviart
    Choose your topping:
    Tunafish-ceviche or orange-ginger tofu

  • Korean wings L 8,50 €

    6 pieces of Korean wings.
    Choose your sauce:
    Gogchujang or orange-ginger sauce

  • Dumplings 9,50 €

    Dumplings, kewpie-mayo, and ponzu-sauce
    Ask your waiter for the available varieties!

For sweeties

  • Mochi skewer 11,90€

    Variety of chilled mochi served on a skewer

  • Woo's fruit salad G, V 10,90€

    Fresh fruits - that's all you need

  • Japanese cheesecake G 11,50€

    Served with yuzu sauce

Funky drinks

On our drinks menu we have Asian specialities from non-alcoholic drinks to beers, wines and cocktails!

Funky what?

Can't decide or just lost with the vocabulary? Ask recommendations from our staff!