In Asia, it‘s common to order many dishes to share. Our menu is based on this idea.

Explore the different categories, choose few dished each and enjoy with our Funky cocktails.

It´s time to get Funky!

Something to share

  • Pork Bites L 8,50 €

    Spicy pork bites in gochujang sauce

  • Green curry prawn L, G 8,90 €

    King prawn skewer with green curry sauce

  • Tteokbokkit L, V 7,40€

    Korean rice cake skewer with gochujang sauce

  • Chicken satay L, G 8,50 €

    Crispy chicken in satay sauce (includes nuts)

  • Green salad V, G 6,00 €

    Crisp green salad, radish and cherry tomato with miso truffle vinaigrette

  • Asian style salmon tartar L, G 12,00 €

    Seasoned salmon tartar, crispy crab crackers and seaweed caviar served from a shish leaf

  • Beef tataki L, G 13,50 €

    Black Angus sirloin, salad seasoned with miso truffle vinaigrette, crispy noodles, wasabi mayonnaise and ponzu

  • Korean wings (6pcs) L 8,50 €

    Gochujang OR fermented chili and pineapplemsauce

  • Cauliflower fritters V 8,50 €

    Gochujang OR fermented chili and pineapplemsauce

  • Bao buns (2pcs) V 12,40 €

    Crispy chicken, fermented chili and pineapple sauce, kewpie mayonnaise and cabbage salad (L, incl.fish)
    Crispy tofu in gochujang sauce, Sichuan mayonnaise and Woo's cucumbers (V)

  • Dumplings (4psc) L 9,00 €

    Crispy fried dumplings, kewpie mayonnaise and ponzu - Ask your waiter for the options

  • Asian style loaded fries V,G 8,20 €

    Crispy French fries with an Asian twist

  • Chili-garlic edamame V,G 6,50 €

    Steamed edamame beans with garlic and crispy chili oil

  • Woo's spicy cucumbers V,G 5 €

    Fukny Woo's spicy cucumbers

  • Side rice L, G 5 €

    Rice with roasted seaweed and ponzu sauce

  • Kimchi L,G, Incl.fish 5,50 €

    Traditional korean fermented gabbage salad

Street food

  • Vietnamese rice noodle salad - Tofu/Beef sirloin 18,60/20,60€

    G, includes fish and nuts
    Rice noodles, fresh vegetables, herbs and nuoc Cham sauce
    Choose topping: satay flavored tofu OR beef sirloin

  • Green curry - Tofu(V)/King prawns(L, G) 17,60/19,60€

    Stir-fried vegetables with green curry sauce, served with rice
    Choose topping: tofu OR king prawns

  • Sushi bowl - Inari tofu(V)/Salmon tartar(L,G) 17,60/19,60€

    Rice, ponzu sauce, wake, seaweed caviar, radish, fresh pineapple, Woo's cucumbers and wasabi mayonnaise
    Choose topping: inari tofu OR salmon tartar

For sweeties

  • Mochi ice cream G, Incl.nuts 11,90€

    Selection of mochi ice cream served in skewers (available vegan or nut free upon request)

  • Pannacotta G 9,80€

    Pandan flavored pannacotta, crystallized white chocolate and berries (lactose-free upon request)

Funky drinks

On our drinks menu we have Asian specialities from non-alcoholic drinks to beers, wines and cocktails!

Funky what?

Can't decide or just lost with the vocabulary? Ask recommendations from our staff!

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